Tramadol Shipping Information

What Shipping Method do you Use for COD ?

We use USPS Express because they are the most reliable and fastest shipping service. Orders will arrive within 24-48 hours.

What Shipping Method do you Use for ACH ?

Shipping time to US based customers takes 5 days for the parcel to reach the USPS sort facility, followed by 2-3 days to be delivered to the US address by USPS. Tracking of the parcel using the tracking number will show this message for 5 days before it arrives at the USPS sort facility “Origin Post is Preparing Shipment” and/or “Processed through sort facility” . This is normal. After 5 days the parcel can be tracked further within the US using the USPS website.

How Will You Protect my Privacy?

All of our shipments come in boxes that do not indicate anything about the nature of the contents. Since the package also includes a double layer of boxes, it will be impossible for anyone to guess what is inside, based on the size or shape of the package. During the order selection process, we also use computers and security systems that protect all of your financial and personal information.

Will you ship medications without a prescription?

If the medication requires a prescription, then our registered physicians will review your medical details and if applicable, write a prescription before shipping medications to you.

How long before my shipment arrives?

We ship medications within 24 hours of receiving your complete order. If you place your order before 2 pm EST, it willusually ship on the same day. During checkout, you can choose overnight or other value shipping options that will determine how long it takes the package to arrive at your home.

What Kind of Dispenser will medications arrive in?

As with any other pharmacy, we will dispense pills in plastic bottles with the specified quantity on your prescription. Liquid based medications and creams will usually arrive in the same vial or tube that we purchased from the manufacturer.

Each medication will also include a label specifying the lot number, our name, your doctor’s name, and dosing information. You will also receive information about how to take the medications and possible side effects.

Do I have to sign for each delivery?

You or the person the package is addressed to will have to sign for the package. If you are not available, USPS will leave a note with information about when they will be back, or information about the terminal where you can pick up from. Unfortunately, once the item is set to deliver to a specific address, the shipper will not send to a different location at your request, or ours.

Can I pay for my medication upon delivery?

Yes! We have partnered with USPS to offer you a Cash On Delivery (Tramadol COD) service. This leaves you free from risk, as you will not pay for your order until it actually arrives. The USPS delivery officer will accept cash or a money order.

What happens if my package does not arrive?

Each package includes a tracking number that can be reported as lost to USPS. In addition, if the package does not arrive within 14 days, we will either send you a new package at no expense.