Tramadol Dosage

Even though Tramadol has a reputation for being an effective pain reliever, you should never take more than needed to achieve pain relief. Therefore, your doctor will usually start you off with the lowest dose, and then gradually increase to the maximum dosage that will be safe for you to take. Because each person is a bit different in terms of overall health and pain causes, you may find that one person’s prescription will be a bit different from what someone else is taking.

Factors that Will Affect Tramadol Dose Limits

As with any other medication, Tramadol has a number of long term side effects that can be very serious. This includes causing damage to the kidneys and liver. If you have certain medical conditions, or are using other medications, it may not be possible for you to take full dosages of Tramadol.

Aside from that, age related factors may also prevent you from taking the maximum amount of this medication. For example, even though your kidney function may be normal for your age, taking this medication at 400 mg a day may not be possible because it will do too much internal damage.

The Incremental Dosage Increase Process

Depending on the amount of pain you are in, your doctor will most likely start you off with a 25 mg dose once a day. If the pain is severe enough, you may be able to start off with a 50 mg loading dose the first day, and then 25 mg per day after that.

Since Tramadol can be taken every 4 - 6 hours, your doctor may allow a maximum amount of 100 mg four times per day. You will usually need to wait three days to increase the number of times you take Tramadol each day. Since Tramadol is most effective after taking it for one week, you should notice a significant improvement at that time.

Will Your Tramadol Dosage Change Over Time?

Unfortunately, the body has a way of overcoming the effects of pain killers. Once your body develops a tolerance to one dosage, it will be necessary to take more to obtain the same level of pain relief.

Overall, there is no set rule to determine when you will need an increase in your Tramadol dosage. As may be expected, if your condition improves, you may also be able to take less medication. For example, if you are taking Tramadol after a surgical procedure or after suffering from some type of joint injury, you may not need to take it after a few weeks have passed.

Before you begin taking Tramadol, there is really no way to tell how much you will need to take. While doctors may ask you to take a pain assessment scale, they will also keep in mind that each person responds differently to this medication. At the very least, if you feel discouraged by the trial and error process, you can look forward to a day when you are finally taking the right dosage.

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